o n
p o i n t
b e t w e e n
s t r a t a
o f
a i r

The title of this work is borrowed from the poem On the edge between discs of how things really work1, from the collection of poems dark matter, written by the swedish poet aase berg (b. 1967).

From this exact view, in this exact light, i can see
the strata of air, strata of oxygen and helium overlap—
weave—break each other down.

This work was awared the Yale University 2015 Rena Greenwald Memorial Prize, which is given for the best piano composition written that year.

1Berg, Aase, and Johannes Göransson. "On the edge between discs of how things really work" in Dark Matter.
Boston • New York • Chicago: Black Ocean, 2013.

2 pianos + toy piano + electronics


january 2015


march 7, 2016